As a core value of Maverick, safety defines who we are. How we act. What we strive for. But safety is also more than just something to aspire to. It’s an outcome, a product—the direct result of what happens when employees are properly trained to make safe decisions regardless of the circumstances.

While working at heights our employees are always properly tied off using the latest in harness and restraint technology.

Clean and clear workspaces are always maintained to avoid tripping hazards.


The President of Maverick, Will Dale, understands that without you, our customer, Maverick can not be successful. Will stresses this belief to his junior leaders. Customer service and quality will under no circumstances be compromised. With the relationships that we develop from our field craftsman to our senior project management, you will begin to think of us as an extension of your team. Always there for you to rely on. We understand that in your business time is money. Down production lines can cost your business millions of dollars. As a client partner you will be given 24 hour access to our team from our foreman up to our president. We are here to get you back online in the event of any emergency.